We reported last year how kids 1980’s TV favourite Danger Mouse was to make a come back.  Today it has been announced that Danger mouse will indeed return to our screens next year for a 52 week run on children’s channel CBBC.

Danger Mouse will be voiced by Alexander Armstrong, presenter of BBC1 quiz Pointless,  replacing Sir David Jason, his famous sidekick Penfold will be voiced by comic actor Kevin Eldon, taking over from the late Terry Scott in the original show.

The new show will stick to it’s original but there will be a few minor updates.  Fulfilling a BBC promise to introduce female characters to the show, its original inventor, professor Heinrich Von Squawkencluck, will be replaced by his niece.

The Guardian reports that unlike her techno-boffin uncle, who spoke with a broken German accent, the new professor Squawkencluck, played by Shauna MacDonald, will be a “quintessential, unflappable” Brit. Other roles in the series will be voiced by comedy actor and writer Morwenna Banks.

Other changes include re-imagining the narrator’s role which will now be voiced by Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me, Dave Lamb.   Danger Mouse will still have his HQ in a postbox but he will have a range of cutting edge gadgets at his disposal including a multipurpose “i-patch”.

Danger Mouse is the latest in a long line of vintage TV shows updated and brought back to a whole new audience.  We wish the project success as the original was an absolute classic piece of kids TV.