Mind Your Language – The Revived Series, 1985

Mind Your Language was hugely popular on it’s original run 1977 -79.

Cancelled at the end of series three, an independent production company resurrected the series for thirteen episodes in 1985.

The revived series featured some of the original cast alongside some new faces.

Unfortunately for fans of the show not all ITV regions showed the 1985 version, only the Granada region transmitted all thirteen episodes as a complete series.  Other ITV regions showed differing numbers of episodes in 1986.


Still set in a London College Of Further Education Mr Jeremy Brown is still teaching English as a Foreign Language.  Miss Courtney is still College Principal.

Some of the old students are still with us, these are: Giovanni, Anna, Juan, Ranjeet and Ingrid, but now there are some new faces.

New faces in class and in college are: Michelle Dumas, Maria Papandrious, Farrukh Azzam, Fu Wong Chang, Rita (new tea lady replacing Gladys in the original), Henshawe  (new caretaker replacing Sid in the original).

The comedy still comes from the students inability to grasp the basic command of English with the misunderstanding of words and  terms causing all manner of disagreements and cultural differences.






Giovanni Capello – George Camiller
Anna Bergman – Ingrid Svenson
Juan Cervantes – Ricardo Montez
Ranjeet Singh – Albert Moses
Ingrid Svenson – Anna Bergman
Michelle Dumas – Marie-Elise Grepne
Maria Papandrious – Jenny Lee-Wright
Farrukh Azzam – Raj Patel
Fu Wong Chang – Vincent Wong
Rita – Sue Bond
Henshawe – Harry Littlewood
Miss Courtney – Zara Nutley
Mr Brown – Barry Evans


Channel ITV (not all regions)
Written and Created By: Vince Powell
Production Company: TRI Films Ltd
Original Transmission Dates:
TSW was the first of the ITV regions to show the series 30th  September – 31st December 1985
Granada Television: all episodes from; 4th January – 24th April 1986 
Anglia: all episodes, from; 9th January – 1st April 1986.
Central: all episodes, shown as one block of four (1st – 22nd February 1986) and one block of nine (12th July – 6th September 1986).
HTV West: all episodes over a period from 1st February 1986 – 6th March 1987
Tyne Tees: nine episodes from 1st February – 29th March 1986.
Border: four episodes, from 1st – 22nd February 1986.





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