More Forgotten Radio Comedy With The Motorway Men

The Motorway Men – 1972

Recorded around the same time as the Dad’s Army Radio Series The Motorway Men Starred Two Of the Dad’s Army Cast.

A Pilot Episode aired as part of the series ‘Comedy Parade’ on BBC Radio 2 in 1971 which also spawned ‘Parsley Sidings’ with Arthur Lowe and Ian Lavender.

A Full series of eight episodes of The Motorway Men then followed in February and March 1972.  Despite only lasting the one series it attracted audiences of up to five million.


In common with many comedies each episode is a different story, but generally the Motorway Men follows the mis-adventures of No.9 Gang, a gang of workers of a company who built motorways in Britain in the early 1970’s.


Sadly there are no clips to be found or links to official sites.  However a reader came forward to tell us that a recording of episode seven can be found on Vol. 13 of the BBC Radio Collection’s The Navy Lark.


James Beck
Bill Pertwee
Milo O’Shea
Richard Davies
Anthony Sagar
Richard Caldicot
Amanda Murray


Written By: Peter Childs and Peter Matthews
Channel: BBC Radio 2
Original Transmission Dates: 23rd January 1971 (Pilot Episode) and 2nd February 1972 – 22nd March 1972