Two Doors Down, 2016

Two Doors Down is a Scottish television sitcom broadcast UK wide on the BBC.

After a pilot episode broadcast in Scotland only in 2013, the series began airing in April 2016 nationally.  Between 2016 and 2019 Two Doors Down ran up another twenty five episodes (including a Christmas Special in 2017) over four series.

Despite a mixed critical reception Two Doors Down won the Best Comedy award at the 2017 at the Royal Television Society Scotland Awards.

Series creator, Simon Carlyle stated, “Two Doors Down is about crazy neighbours. We’ve all got them. They seem OK, but when you scratch the surface they’re a bit nuts.”


The series revolves around a group of neighbours living side by side in a typical Glasgow suburb.

Beth and Eric Baird’s neighbours seem to be constantly visiting uninvited and outstaying their welcome.

Consequently Beth often finds herself taken advantage of by her neighbours, frequently having to make tea, pour drinks and prepare food, while the remaining characters chat in the living room.

As a result of their neighbours Eric and Beth try to avoid them as much as possible in an attempt to enjoy some peace and quiet in their own home.







Arabella Weir – Beth
Alex Norton – Eric
Jonathan Watson – Colin


Channel: BBC 1 Scotland (pilot), BBC2 (series)
Created And Written By: Simon Carlyle and Gregor Sharp
Production Company: BBC Scotland
Original Transmission Dates: 31st December 2013 (pilot), 1st April 2016 – 11th February 2019


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