Sally And Jake, 1973

Sally And Jake, were an early creation from Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall (Danger Mouse), when they operated under the Stop Frame Productions banner. The children first appeared in a series of short inserts as part of the long running kids TV show “Rainbow”.  They later graduated to their own show which ran for 26 episodes over two series, there was also a one off Christmas Special.

Episodes were typically 10 minutes duration.


The series revolved around two children: Sally and Jake who lived in a little country village called Dimbledale, where there were always lots of things to do.

Their father and mother ran the local grocer’s shop, selling fruit and vegetables.  Dad would collect the goods from the market each day in his little blue car.

Gran’s house is adjacent to the family’s and the children would often drop in for her pies and bakes.

Sally and Jake would also visit Harry the odd-job man (remember the string vest?).  He lived in an old converted barn, and was always making and mending things.

Then there was Farmer Merrie.  He worked the fields around the village.  And how can we forget Sly the cat who would slink around between his favourite snoozing places.








Narrated By

Mike Savage


Channel: ITV
Created By: Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall
Produced By: Mark Hall
Originally Transmitted 1973 – 1974


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