Tripper’s Day – 1984

Viewed by some as a classic today, but not critically acclaimed at the time, Tripper’s Day is largely remembered as Leonard Rossiter’s last work.  Sadly the actor died between the broadcast of the second and third episodes.

The series was revived in 1986 with Bruce Forsyth as a different character: Cecil Slinger.

Never the less this six part series broadcast on ITV in 1984 is still very funny and one of many ITV comedies that languishes in the archives and is long over due for a dusting down and repeat showing on one of the digital channels.

You’ll be whistling the theme tune for weeks.


Meet Norman Tripper a Northern Supermarket Manager for the firm Supafare.

Moved away from the North Tripper finds himself assigned to Supafare’s London branch.  Here he finds that not only has he to deal with rising prices and falling standards but also a problematic staff.


Sorry all video clips have been deleted.  However we thought this interview may interest




Leonard Rossiter
Pat Ashton
Gordon Gostelow
Philip Bird
Charon Bourke
Paul Clarkson
Liz Crowther
David John
Vicky Licorish
Andrew Paul


Channel: ITV
Written By: Brian Cooke
Produced By: Thames television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 24th September 1984 – 29th October 1984


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