‘Orrible, 2001

‘Orrible was another of those TV sitcoms that didn’t quite live up to expectations.  Written by TV and Radio presenter Johnny Vaughan it ran for just one series of eight episodes in 2001.

Things started well for the series.  The BBC were confident and heavily promoted the series.  However on transmission it was panned by critics for the script and Vaughan’s acting ability.  It achieved only very low viewing figures and was therefore axed after just one series and has never been repeated by the BBC.

Vaughan would in a 2004 interview with ‘The Stage’ magazine say of the show “Ultimately, it was shit”.

In 2017, Vaughan approached the BBC over the prospect of repeating the series either via BBC Four or on-line channel BBC Three to mark its 15th Anniversary, both with a sense of irony but also in the hope that potentially the series could gain new recognition.  The BBC did not pursue Vaughan’s suggestion.


Paul Clarke is a cab driver and fancies himself as a small-time criminal, who finds himself in some sticky situations.

His best friend and partner in crime, Sean, is not the most intelligent person to have assist him.  Amusingly he seems to misunderstand the sticky situations that he and Paul always seem to find themselves in, sparking an abundance of more problematic endeavours, which end up with the wrong result.










Johnny Vaughan –  Paul Clarke
Ricky Grover – Sean
Di Botcher – Di Clark


Channel: BBC2
Written By: Johnny Vaughan
Original Transmission Dates: 10th September – 29th October 2001