Outside Edge, 1994

Outside Edge was a TV sitcom adapted from a 1979 play of the same name.

The play was first adapted as a one off TV show before it’s final adaptation to a series in 1994.

Outside Edge ran for twenty two episodes over three series between 1994 and 1996.


Outside Edge follows the lives of two couples, who bond only through the local cricket league.

This sitcom gently satirises middle class England through the members of Brent Park Cricket Club, all of whom have their own dysfunctional relationships and family problems.









Brenda Blethyn – Miriam Dervish
Robert Daws – Roger Dervish
Josie Lawrence – Maggie Costello
Timothy Spall – Kevin Costello
Denis Lill – Dennis Broadley
Tracy Brabin –  Ginnie Willis


Channel: ITV
Written By: Richard Haris
Original Transmission Dates: 24th March 1994 – 13th february 1996

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