Peter Kay Tries To Cheer Us Up And inadvertently Causes Outrage?

Peter Kay and Sian Gibson reprised their respective roles for a special one off Audio episode of the hit sitcom. The comedian issued a one-off audio-only special on April 10 in an attempt to ‘cheer up’ the nation amid the coronavirus lockdown.

However a breastfeeding gag in the latest episode sparked a wave of 175 complaints being made to the BBC.

Main characters John (played by Peter Kay) and Kayleigh (played by Sian Gibson) are having a discussion about children’s soft play areas when Kayleigh says she once saw a woman breastfeeding a three-year-old in public.

John asks: ‘How did you know he was three?’ before Kayleigh responds: ‘He had balloons.’

John then questions: ‘Is that what you call them? Breastfeeding at three?’

Kayleigh insists: ‘Swear down. Hanging off the tit with his teeth in Timbaland’s,’ with John going on to suggest there’s ‘a time and a place’.

Kayleigh responds: ‘They say breast is best, but you have got to draw the line somewhere.’




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