Warren, 2019

Warren was the BBC sitcom that seemed to show great promise, Martin Clunes playing an angry, impatient character.  You could be forgiven for thinking perhaps we were in for a modern take on the classic Victor Meldrew character.  Clunes himself said of the script “it was so funny I couldn’t turn it down”.

Unfortunately critics found it less funny and it received mixed reviews.  Some viewers called it “uncomfortable” whilst The Telegraph labelled it “the final nail in the coffin for British sitcom”.  Personally this writer felt that it was a good idea but as with some other shows in the past times move on and we become less accepting than we were.

So despite the build up Warren only ever managed one series of six episodes.


The series revolves around the life of Warren Thompson, an angry, impatient, selfish and abrasive driving instructor.

When his partner’s (Anne Humphries) Father (Bill) falls ill Warren moves in with her and her two teenage sons Charlie and Danny in Preston. How will they cope?







Warren Thompson – Martin Clunes
Anne Humphries – Lisa Millett
Tim Preston – Charlie Humphries
Oscar Morgan – Danny Humphries
Bill – David Hargreaves


Channel: BBC1
Created and Written By: Jimmy Donny Cosgrove and Paul McKenna
Original Transmission Dates: 25th February – 1st April 2019

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