Plebs, 2013

This series has been compared to: The Inbetweeners, Up Pompeii and Blackadder.  First broadcast in 2013 it’s still running.

Probably not your average family sitcom.  Plebs is an ITV2 show, showing just how important comedy is becoming as it spreads accross all the channels.  It’s style has been described as contemporary and anachronistic, using modern language especially the character Stylax.


“When in Rome do as the Romans do”- Ancient Rome is traditionally imagined as the home of emperors and senators, generals and gladiators, and a dignified theatre of pomp and ceremony.

It may be so, but Plebs looks at the less glamerous side of Rome, following the lives of three desperate young men from the lower classes as they try to participate in sexual intercourse, hold down jobs and climb the social ladder in the big city.







Aurelius – Tom Basden
Cynthia Cogidubna – Sophie Colquhoun
Grumio – Ryan Sampson
Marcus Gallow – Tom Rosenthal
Metella – Lydia Rose Bewley
Stylax Urastaques – Joel Fry
Flavia – Doon Mackichan
Landlord – Karl Theobald
Claudius – Adrian Scarborough
Davus – Tom Davis
Cornelius – Neil Stuke


Channel: ITV2
Written By: Tom Basden and Sam Leifer
Original Transmission Dates: 25th March – present


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