Screen One, Hancock, 1991

Screen One was a BBC series of unrelated one off TV movies.  In 1991 the subject was Tony Hancock.

Whist the episode made good TV it came in for some harsh criticism for some of it’s inaccuracies.  These included :a scene where Hancock is fired from the Disney movie, they say he’s being replaced by an American actor. In reality, he was replaced by British-born Richard Haydn.  The portrayal of his original writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson were aghast at their portrayal, particularly during the 1966 comeback material.  It has been said Ray Galton was so incensed that years later he punched screenwriter William Humble at a party.


The film portrays comedian Tony Hancock during the last eight years of his life.

It deals with the success of his final BBC TV series, in particular The Blood Donor with original writers Galton and Simpson, through his fall out with the writers.

It goes on to portray Hancock’s fall from popularity, his battle with drink and his attempts to bring his career back on track and his final TV series he was making in Australia before his eventual suicide in 1968.


In Full




Tony Hancock – Alfred Molina
Freddie Hancock – Frances Barber
Cicely Hancock – Mel Martin
John Le Mesurier – Malcom Sinclair
Ray Galton – Jim Carter
Alan Simpson – Clive Russell


Channel: BBC1
Written By: William Humble
Original Transmission Date: 1st September 1991

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