As part of the BBC’s Landmark Comedy Season, under the section “brand new episodes of classic sitcoms” came this one off episode of Porridge.

Whilst the original cast were no longer with us, the original writers were.  Rather than put new actors in the original roles, the whole story was brought up to date.

The remake was generally well received by critics and pulled overnight ratings of 4 million.


It runs in the family.  Nigel Norman Fletcher is the grandson of the original ‘Fletch’  Like his Grandfather young Fletcher finds himself on the wrong side of the law for computer hacking and serving five years in prison.

He’s not long been inside when his IT skills are required when Richie Weeks seeks to have his record sanitized prior to an upcoming parole hearing.

Like the original there’s the cell mate, whilst in the original this was young Godber in 2016 fletch’s grandson has an older cellmate – Joe, who, forty years earlier was a fellow inmate of his grandfather.  there’s the kindly officer Braithwaite and of course you must have a harsh scots guard Mr  Meekie.


View the episode here
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How Did It Compare To The Original?




Kevin Bishop – Nigel Norman Fletcher
Mark Bonnar – Officer Meekie
Dominic Coleman – Officer Braithwaite
Pippa Haywood – Governor Hallwood
Dave Hill  – Joe Lotterby
Ralph Ineson – Richie Wekks


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Ian La Frenais and Dick Clement
Directed By: Dominic Brigstocke
Original Transmission Date: 28th August 2016

Our Verdict

This would have worked well as a series on it’s own.  Kevin Bishop is a chip off the old block.  However as we are updating did we really the old jokes “wouldn’t let you catch me…” or the old charcacters ie the Scotttish Mr Meekie (Mc Kay) and of course Mr Braithwaite (Mr Baraclough).

Still laughout loud funny and merits a full series.



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