Lines From My Grandfather’s Forehead, 1971

Lines From My Grandfather’s Forehead was a radio comedy sketch show from Ronnie Barker.  First broadcast in 1971 the show ran for two series of eight episodes each.  There were also two one off specials, the first of which was a Christmas edition entitled “Lines From My Grandfather’s Christmas Forehead” broadcast in 1971.   The second was broadcast in 1977.  Entitled ” Just A Few Lines From My Grandfather’s Forehead” this was a a compilation of selected items from the original series.

Gerard Mansell who at the time was director of programs for BBC Radio, is said to have described the show as having a “very individual type of humour, quite unlike that of any other TV or radio program”.

The show is one of many that gets regular airply on digital station BBC Radio 4 Extra.


Each show was a sequence of comedy sketches, monologues and comic songs.


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Ronnie Barker
Terence Brady
Pauline Yates


Gordon Langford – Piano
Dick Abell – Guitar (selected editions)


Channel: BBC Radio 4
Created By: Ronnie Barker and John Fawcett
Written By:
Ronnie Barker as Gerald Wiley
Spike Milligan
Jim Eldridge
Harold Pinter
Original Transmission Dates: 15th February 1971 – 26th August 1972


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