End Of Part One

End Of Part One, 1979

Here’s a comedy sketch show from writers David Renwick and Andrew Marshall.

End of Part One was made by London Weekend Television. Running for two series on ITV, from 1979 to 1980, it was an attempt at a TV version of The Burkiss Way, an earlier (1976) BBC Radio 4 sketch comedy series from the two writers, that was still running at the time of End Of Part One.

Unusually for this type of program it had a Sunday afternoon time slot, consequently it was not the success the writers had hoped for.  When London Weekend Television refused to move it to a more suitable time slot Renwick and Marshall decided they would write no further shows.


The first series concerned the lives of Norman and Vera Straightman, who had their lives interrupted by various television personalities of the day. The second series was mainly a straight succession of parodies of TV shows of the time, including Larry Grayson’s Generation Game and Nationwide.










Tony Aitken
Denise Coffey
Fred Harris
Sue Holderness
Dudley Stevens
David Simeon
David J. Grahame


Channel: ITV
Created By: David Renwick and Andrew Marshall
Produced By: Simon Brett (Series 1) and Humphrey Barclay (Series 2)
Directed By: Geoffrey Sax

Archive Status

Thirteen out of the fourteen shows still exist in the archives in broadcast format, and the remaining episode (S1E6) exists on a domestic video cassette.