Roll Over Beethoven, 1985

An early sitcom from the writers of Birds Of A Feather and another one that seems to have been forgotten about.

Roll Over Beethoven was recorded in two six episode blocks but broadcast as one twelve episode series in 1985 (taking a week’s break in the April).


When millionaire heavy metal star Nigel Cochrane, comes to live  in the manor house in  a sleepy Surrey village he turns life for it’s residents upside down when he installs a recording studio in his new home with the intention of recording his first solo album there.

He enlists the help of local piano teacher Belinda Purcell to help him master the keyboard.  An unlikely friendship – then romance – develops between the two as they collaborate on the album, much to the disapproval of Belinda’s father, a retired schoolmaster.

As the series progresses, Nigel briefly leaves to go on a promotional tour of the album, while Belinda develops her talent for composing by working on an album of her own.










Liza Goddard – Belinda Purcell
Nigel Planer – Nigel Cochrane (episodes 1 – 8 and 12)
Richard Vernon – Oliver Purcell
Desmond Mc Namara – Lem
Emilyn Price – Marvin Sertleman (episodes. 9–13)


Channel: ITV
Written By: Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran
Production Company: Central Independent Television
Original Transmission Dates: 25th February – 27th May 1985

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