Last Of The Summer Wine – “And A Dewhurst Up A Fir Tree”

Since there seems to be an early outbreak of cHristmas about we thought we’d join in!

The second Last Of The Summer Wine Christmas Special came after the end of series five which would be the last full series until 1982, another Christmas Special filled the gap in 1981.

Brian Wilde had now been playing Foggy for three series and had become a popular part of the series.  This particular special has some great Foggy moments, showing the character at his hapless best.


Foggy decides that organisation is the key to Christmas and is bemused to find that if you start your Christmas shopping in the middle of summer, nobody sells Christmas cards.

A chance meeting in a pub with a man called Eric from the Forestry Commission leads Foggy to land a bargain of a lifetime – 100 Christmas trees for just £10.

Meanwhile Nora and Ivy decide it’s time to take action against Compo’s wandering hands.




Bill Owen
Peter Sallis
Brian Wilde
Jane Freeman
Kathy Staff


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Roy Clarke
Original Transmission Date: 27th December 1979


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