Sir Clive Sinclair Has Died, Aged 81

Stick with this post as it shows how comedy can have the most unlikely connections.

British computing pioneer Sir Clive Sinclair has died following a long battle with cancer.  The man who invented the pocket calculator will be best remembered by many of a certain age for his brilliance in bringing affordable home computing to the masses.




The launch of the Sinclair ZX80 in 1980 brought us a home computer for under £100.  This was followed by the improved zx81



Then came the ZX Spectrum in 1982 for £125

You see how this guy became a household name.  However his next invention would make him  a bit of a joke



But what has all this got to do with comedy, well as well as a technical genius Sir Clive Sinclair had an eye for a successful TV show.



He was Spitting Image’s first benefactor funding the initial puppet development to the tune of £20,000, although he did pull out of the project before the first pilot episode was made.






A year later we had the improved ZX81

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