Animal Kwackers, 1975

An early kids TV show featuring singing puppets, now that seems like a good idea.

Animal Kwackers was an immensely popular 1970’s kids TV show.  Often likened as a UK  version of The Banana Splits.  The show ran for three series between 1975 and 1978, notching up an impressive thirty nine episodes along the way.

Although most of the episodes still exist in the archive two are missing.


Meet the Animal Kwackers – Rory the Lion, Boots the Tiger, Bongo the Dog and Twang the Monkey. Britain’s answer to the Banana Splits?  Brought to earth by a flying saucer.

These four strange but lovable animals made the fur fly with renditions of golden oldies, contemporary hits and self-penned numbers.

Each week there was a story and every show was inspired by a given theme.





Gerry Cowan – Narrator

Series 1 & 2

Rory, on guitar – Roy Apps
Twang, on Bass – Nick Pallett
Bongo, on drums -Geoff Nicholls and (2nd series) Peter Eden
Boots, on guitar – Tony Hannaford

Series 3

Rory, on guitar – Bev Doyle
Twang, on bass – Step Morley
Bongo, on drums – Atlanta Harmsworth
Boots, on guitar – John Basset


Channel: ITV
Created By:
Peter Eden
Terry Eden
Bernard Lee
Original Transmission Dates: 25th September 1975 – 2nd February 1978


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