Hancock’s Half Hour – The Final Series?

60 Years Since Hancock’s Final Half Hour!

It was 1960 and Tony Hancock had been ruling the TV and Radio airwaves since 1954 when the first radio series was broadcast.

Around the end of the 1959 series, Hancock, anxious that his work with James was turning them into a double act, told close associates, that he would end his professional association with Sid James after a final series.  He left others to tell James.

The two made a final series of Hancock’s Half hour, broadcast in 1960.  Tony Hancock would make a last BBC series in 1961, retitled simply Hancock, without James.


Ten episodes were made, including such classics as: The Reunion Party, The Missing Page and The Poison Pen Letters.







Tony Hancock
Sid James


Channel: BBC
Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Originally Transmitted: 19th February – 6th May 1960

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