Warren Mitchell stars in the 1991 BBC comedy series so you think you've got troubles

So You Think You’ve Got Troubles, 1991

Continuing our tribute to Warren Mitchell, who passed away on Saturday, we’ve pulled out a rarity that seems to draw a mixed reaction from audiences.

So You Think You’ve Got Troubles was a six part series that aired on BBC1 for just that one series.  The series was set in Northern Ireland.  There are those that felt that despite being a comedy, the setting and some of the issues raised were perhaps a contributing factor to it’s short run.

To our knowledge the show has never been repeated or been commercially released in any format although with the new BBC store that could change in the future.


Warren Mitchell stars as Ivan Fox, a Londoner and non-practising Jew.  Sent by his boss to Northern Ireland to run the Belfast branch of Drummond’s Tobacco Co,  he finds himself confronted with the age-old Catholic and Protestant attitudes.

As Ivan is a self-proclaimed Atheist, he cannot relate to religion and becomes dismayed when everyone attempts to categorize him by religion.


Never having been repeated or commercially released no clips exist except for a brief selection highlighting someone’s part as an extra in the series.


Warren Mitchell
Harry Towb
Emer Gillespie


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Maurice Gran and Laurence Marks
Original Transmission Dates: 17th October – 21st November 1991