The Bargee, 1964

The Bargee is a British comedy film.

Released in 1964 the film included amongst it’s credits the coming together of a team that had all worked together before: Harry H. Corbett, Duncan Wood, who produced Hancock’s Half Hour on TV and most of Steptoe and Son and writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.

The film also benefited from an all star cast.  Despite this whilst generally well accepted the film was given mixed reviews.


Hemel Pike is seen as a canal barge Romeo.  Aided and abetted by his illiterate cousin, Ronnie, he has a girlfriend in every lock along his route, each one intent on marriage.

Finally he Hemel finds himself caught out when one of the girls, Christine, falls pregnant.  Her protective Father, a ‘larger than life’ character, who holds the canal record for drinking 29 pints of ‘Brown & Mild’ in a single session, is understandably upset by his daughter’s situation…









Harry H. Corbett – Hemel
Ronnie Barker – Ronnie
Eric Sykes – The Mariner
Hugh Griffith – Joe
Julia Foster – Christine


Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Produced By: W.A. Whittaker
Directed By: Duncan Wood
Year Of Release: 1964

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