The Detectives, Thicker Than Water, Christmas Special, 1995

The Detectives had started life as an ongoing sketch in the Canned Carrott TV series before making it to a series of it’s own.

Thicker Than Water was one of 2 Christmas Specials made during the show’s five series run.  This particular episode was broadcast in December 1995 long after the end of series 3.


Christmas Eve and the latest in a spate of muggings by a man in a Father Christmas costume is reported. Briggs and Louis are sent out to investigate the suspects, but end up quite literally bumping into Bob’s half-brother, Kelvin…





Jasper Carrott – Bob Louis
Robert Powell – Dave Briggs
George Sewell – Superintendent Cottam


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Steve Knight and Mike Whitehall
Original Transmission Date: 23rd December 1995