Happy Birthday Sir Ken !

Ken Dodd, 90 Today

What a year it’s been for comic legend Ken Dodd.  Nighted and now celebrating his 90th birthday and he’s still going strong, touring the country with his “Happiness” Show.

To mark the occasion the comic legend was presented on stage with a special “diamond” tickling stick to mark his 90th birthday.

He was given the unique gift at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre by Madame Tussauds.

Ken’s wax figure was also on stage and a replica of the diamond tickling stick has been added to his Tussauds figure for visitors to see.

Ken said: “I saw my figure a few years ago when it was first made and it’s been magical to be reunited with it today.

“It’s amazing to see yourself encapsulated at a certain moment in time. The new tickling stick is fantastic, I’m going to use it on stage from now on.”

Source: itv.com