The Mighty Boosh, 2004

The Mighty Boosh is a British comedy troupe featuring comedians Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding.

The idea developed when Noel Fielding  watched Julian Barratt performing his stand up comedy routine.  Deciding that they shared many comic interests the pair formed a double act announcing that they had “decided to be the new Goodies”.

By 1998 they had formed The Mighty Boosh they produced a stage show of the same name.  A year later in 1999 they followed up with another this time the title was Artic Boosh, Autoboosh a year later in 2000 was the third.  All three shows were performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

After the success of Autoboosh a BBC Radio series was commissioned in 2001.  Initially broadcast on BBC Radio London LIve it soon transferred to Radio 4.   On the back of this came a half hour TV pilot.

Following on from the success of the TV pilot episode in 2003, in May 2004, Steve Coogan’s Baby Cow Productions  company, produced the first television series of The Mighty Boosh for BBC Three, it would move to BBC2  in November that same year.  A second series followed in 2005 and a final series two tears later in 2007.  During it’s run there were twenty episodes of the TV series.


In series one episodes invariably started and ended in Dixon Bainbridge’s dilapidated zoo, the “Zooniverse”, the characters of Vince and Howard often depart for other locations, such as the Artic tundra and limbo

Series two saw Howard and Vince sharing Naboo’s flat in Dalston with previously minor characters Naboo and his familiar, Bollo, a gorilla living at the “Zooniverse”.

This series had an even looser setting as the four characters leave the confines of the flat in every episode, travelling in their van to a variety of surrealistic environments, including Naboo’s home planet “Xooberon”.

The third series, still set in Dalston, sees the foursome  selling ‘Bits & Bobs’ in their shop, the Nabootique. Their adventures and outings in this series focused more on the involvement of new characters (e.g. Sammy the Crab, or Lester Corncrake etc.) rather than just the two of them.







Julian Barratt – Howard Moon
Noel Fielding – Vince Noir
Michael Fielding – Naboo
Dave Brown – Bollo
Rich Fulcher – Bob Fossil


Channel: BBC Three (series 1), BBC2 (series 2 & 3)
Written By: Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding
Original Transmission Dates: 20th May 2003 (pilot), 18th May 2004 – 20th December 2007


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