Leslie Crowther Wants You To Come On Down For…

The Price Is Right, Original Series, 1984

Many people remember Bruce Forsyth’s excellent version of this show and of course it was recently resurrected by Alan Carr. However some forget it was Leslie Crowther who first asked us to come on down back in 1984.

The original series based on the American version of the same name was heavily trailed and first hit our screens back in 1984.  Leslie Crowther beat singer Joe Brown to presenting duties after both men recorded a pilot episode.  It ran for 5 series between 1984 and 1988  notching up 90 episodes along the way.


As with all versions contestants are picked from a studio audience and invited to” come on down”, they then compete in a number of eliminating rounds to get a chance to compete in the showcase.

In the showcase contestants are shown a number of prizes in which they select a price range and make a guess at the value if they fall within the range they win the prizes.







Hosted By

Leslie Crowther


Simon Prebble


Channel: ITV
Created By: Bob Stewart
Original Transmission Dates: 24th March 1984 – 8th April 1988





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