Root Into Europe, 1992

Classic comedy drama with George Cole.  Root into Europe was definitely of it’s time, as at the time of broadcast (1992) there was plenty of talk about the single European market.  Here in 2016 the subject matter is a hot potato again as today 23rd June 2016 Britain decides in or out.

The TV series ran for five episodes and was adapted from William Donaldson’s book ‘The Henry Root Letters’.

George Cole is absolutely hilarious in what this writer feels his best role next to Arthur Daley in Minder.


Henry Root, is a right-wing fish dealer who disapproves of the impending European Union.  Declaring himself England’s ‘European regulator’ in a letter to the British Prime Minister, then John Major, he takes his wife Muriel on a tour of Europe to represent English values to mainland Europe.

His adventures are captured on a camcorder by his wife to be sent to the BBC upon his return for a future documentary, which one expects will never be made.





George Cole – Henry Root
Pat Heywood – Muriel Root


Channel: ITV
Created By: William Donaldson
Written By: William Donaldson and Mark Chapman
Originally Transmitted: May 17th, 1992 – June 14th, 1992


The series was released onto VHS (now very rare), but has yet to make it to DVD, there was an accompanying book

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