The Worst Week Of My Life, 2004

A sort of comedy of errors based around the premise that anything that can go wrong, usually does.  The worst week of My Life ran for two series between 2004 and 2005.  It returned for a run of three Christmas episodes in 2006.

Each of the series revolved around a different premise.  A total of seventeen episodes were broadcast during the program’s run.


Series One

The story covers the week preceding the marriage of publishing executive Howard Steel and his fiancée Mel, the daughter of a high-court judge, Dick Cook.

Humiliating situations ensue: Cassie, a colleague with whom Howard had a drunken one-night stand two years earlier, sets out to snare him and becomes obsessive; Howard accidentally kills his in-laws’ dog, puts Mel’s granny in hospital and then proceeds to loose the wedding ring (a family heirloom).

At the end of the first series, Howard and Mel were wed, despite the many mishaps that had befallen the well-meaning but accident-prone groom.

Series Two

The setting for series two is the week leading up to the birth of Howard and Mel’s first baby, and Howard has not yet shaken off the fate inexorably attached to him.

With his Father blowing up Granny’s cottage, into which the married couple was preparing to move, they are forced to stay with his wife’s parents once again.

During the course of the week he is accused of sexual harassment at work, and mistakenly arrested for dogging’.  He also manages to toast his Father-In-Law’s CBE on a barbecue.

Despite Howard knocking out the midwife, the series ends with the birth of a baby girl, Emily.









Sarah Alexander – Mel Steel
Ben Miller – Howard Steel
Alison Steadman – Angela Cook
Geoffrey Whitehead – Dick Cook
Janine Duvitski – Eve


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Mark Bussell and Justin Sbresni
Written By: Mark Bussell, Justin Sbresni and Rocky Burnswork
Original Transmission Dates: 12th March 2004 – 22nd December 2006



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