Hold The Sunset, 2018

Hold The Sunset, heavily trailed as John Cleese’s return to sitcom after 43 years.  Even John Cleese himself got on the promotion trail.

Screened in a prime time Sunday night slot and featuring an all star cast it ran for six episodes.  Despite it’s pedigree critics largely disliked it.  Whilst this writer enjoyed it, I did feel as with many sitcoms of today, a laughter track might have given it an edge.

However,  despite it’s critical reviews, Hold the Sunset was commissioned for a second series and even popped up with a Christmas Special in the 2018 Christmas TV schedules.


The story centres around two retired neighbours, Phil  and Edith.

Both widowed, they plan to start a new life together in Gozo.

However their romantic plans are scuppered when Edith’s 49-year-old son Roger, moves back into his Mother’s house after walking out on his wife and their two teenage children.







Alison Steadman – Edith
John Cleese – Phil
Jason Watkins -Roger
Rosie Cavaliero – Wendy (Roger’s Wife)
Joanna Scanlan – Sandra (Edith’s Daughter)
Anne Reid – Mrs Gale (Edith’s cleaner)
James Cosmo – Bob (Edith’s ex boyfriend
Pter Egan – Mr Dugdale, neighbour


Channel : BBC1
Written By: Charles McKeown
Original Transmission Dates: 18th February, 2018 – present









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