They Came From Somewhere Else, 1984

Here’s something a little offbeat and almost certainly forgotten as it’s never been repeated or made it to video or DVD.

They Came From Somewhere Else was a 6 part sitcom produced by TVS and broadcast on Channel 4.  Developed from a 1982 theatrical production by the Cliffhanger Theatre Company the show parodied a number of well known horror films including: Dawn of the Dead, Don’t Look Now and Carrie.

It’s generally thought that one of the possible reasons for for it’s lack of commercial release or repeat is over copyright issues arising from TVS losing it’s ITV franchise and it’s subsequent sale.


Set in the fictional British new town of Middleford where we meet Wendy, Colin and Martin who lead very dull, formulaic lives.  That is until the arrival of an American suffering from amnesia.

The American’s arrival coincides with a series of increasingly bizarre events including: a rain of liver, people getting sucked into drains, migraines so severe that they cause heads to explode, and zombies taking over the supermarket.








Robin Driscoll
Tony Haase
Pete McCarthy
Rebecca Stevens


Channel: Channel 4
Written By:”Cliffhanger”
Production Company: TVS for Channel 4
Original Transmission Dates: 14th July – 18th August 1984

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