UKTV Announces Britain’s Greatest Comedy Character Shortlist…Part 2

We are looking at those great comedy characters that have made the shortlist for Britain’s Greatest Comedy Character.  We left part one at everyone’s favourite wheeler dealer: Del Trotter.

Picking up in alphabetical order we have:

Father Ted






Frank Spencer



Geraldine Granger 

It’s nice to see the lad from East get a mention, next we have:




Hyacinth Bucket


Malcolm Tucker (contains strong language)



Margo Leadbetter

Martin Bryce 




Mr Bean



Mrs Brown

Mrs Merton


Nessa Jenkins



Patsy Stone

Perry (Harry Enfield)

Rick (The Young Ones)





Sir Humphrey Appleby



Victor Meldrew

Tomorrow we’ll look at the list and some of those that didn’t make it.

Britain’s Greatest Comedy Character airs on GOLD, Sunday May 24th at 8pm.  A show well worth watching.