The Mr Men, 1974

Is it really 50 years since these now cult characters were originally created?

Author Roger Hargreaves first created his popular characters in 1971 with the release of his first Mr Men book: Mr Tickle.

This post concentrates on the original TV series narrated and voiced by the late, great Arthur Lowe.

Initially the BBC aired a series of nine standalone stories, beginning 31st December 1974 with Mr Happy and continuing into 1975.

By 1975 the single story format had given way to a double-bill format in which two Mr Men stories were told back to back.  Anybody remember Arthur Lowe asking us which Mr Man we might care to meet next? Then humming the Mr Men tune between the two stories.

A second and final series began later in 1975 with the final episodes being shown in 1976.


In each episode we are introduced to two different title characters and his single dominant personality trait.  Arthur Lowe was the narrator and used regional accents to voice the characters.

The idea behind each story was to convey a simple moral lesson.








Narration and Voices: Arthur Lowe


Channel: BBC1
Written and Created By: Roger Hargreaves
Theme By: Tony Hymas
Produced By: Flicks Films in partnership with Trevor Bond
Original Transmission Dates:  1974 – 1976

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