They’re Back for a second Feature Film – Steptoe And Son Ride Again – 1973

It’s hard to believe that more than 40 years after it’s final TV broadcast Steptoe and Son is as popular as it ever was..

Harold’s in trouble again in Steptoe and Son Ride Again.  This time he’s worn the horse out on a run from York.  When he goes to buy a new horse local villain Frankie Barrow cons him into buying a greyhound, only one problem it’s shortsighted.


After buying a greyhound that’s short sighted the Steptoes find themselves in financial difficulties.  They sell all their possessions to have one last bet on the dog.  When it looses they’re sunk, that is until Albert mentions his life insurance.

Harold then schemes to get the money from his father. They find an old mannequin among their collection of junk and fit it around Albert’s body. They then call in a doctor who fortunately is drunk at the time. He makes the announcement that Albert has died so they can collect the life insurance.  In true Steptoe style things don’t quite go according to plan when at the funeral Mr Russell from the insurance company advises Harold that the money from Albert’s Life policy is to to a lover that Albert met in 1949 while Harold was in the army.  Asking why he didn’t cancel it Albert’s reply is “I forgot”.  They now have to hatch a plan to bring Albert back to life.

When Albert finally withdraws the policy Harold re-invests it in a part share of a race horse to discover his partner is H.M. Queen










Wilfrid Brambell
Harry H. Corbett


Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Produced By: Aida young
Distributed By: MGM and EMI
Released: July, 1973


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