Don’t Forget The Driver

A subtle title that could be confused with a certain Dad’s Army episode:”Don’t Forget The Diver” particularly as Toby Jones who starred as Captain Mainwaring in the Dad’s Army movie.

However this time round the celebrated actor is to star in a new BBC Comedy Drama about a coach driver based in Bognor Regis.  Toby Jones has also co-written the new six part series  with playwright Tim Crouch.  Speaking about writing his first piece of TV, Toby Jones said: “I’m excited to collaborate with the celebrated playwright Tim Crouch and the fabulous Sister Pictures on our first piece of writing for television. We hope that Don’t Forget The Driver will be an unusually funny drama about small town Britain and the joys of coach travel.”

Toby was interviewed on Steve Wright In The Afternoon BBC Radio 2. catch up at BBC Sounds Interview can be found 2hrs 21 in.

So What’s It All About?

The series follows Peter Green, a coach driver based in Bognor Regis, who’s struggling to balance his work alongside raising his unruly daughter, Kayla, and look after his mother Joy — all while his twin brother is living the life of Riley out in Australia.When Peter comes across a body on Bognor beach one day, little does he know that his life is about to change irrevocably — and that there’s an unexpected passenger on board his coach.Cast And Crew Details

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