Tucker’s Luck, 1983

Tucker’s Luck was a spin off from popular Kids TV series Grange Hill capitalising on the popularity of one of the series’ original characters “Tucker Jenkins”.

Twenty seven episodes were made airing over three series between 1983 and 1985.

Several former Grange Hill cast members reprised their roles for the spin-off (such as Linda Slater as Susi MacMahon, Alan’s former school girlfriend, Michelle Herbert as Tucker’s old class enemy Trisha Yates and Peter McNamara as Tucker’s nemesis, and subsequently friend, Ralph Passmore).

For the third and final series we saw the first appearances of Tucker’s younger sister, eight-year-old Rhona (who had never been seen nor referred to previously), and Tucker’s elder brother Barry (frequently mentioned by Tucker, albeit only as “our kid”, in Grange Hill).

Despite the popularity of the character Tucker’s Luck never quite managed the same success as Grange Hill.


Tucker’s Luck followed the exploits of Peter ‘Tucker’ Jenkins and his friends, Alan Humphries and Tommy Watson as they attempt to cope in the “real world” after they leaving school.







Peter ‘Tucker’ Jenkins – Todd Carty
Alan Humphries – George Armstrong
Tommy Watson – Paul McCarthy (series 1 and 2)


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Phil Redmond
Written By: Phil Redmond wrote all 27 episodes alongside a number of co-writers
Original Transmission Dates: 10th March 1983 – 17th December 1985


Two annuals 1984 and 1985 and three novels (Forty Days of Tucker, Tucker’s Luck and Tucker in Control) were published between 1983 and 1985.

Where To Watch

The series has never been repeated since it’s original transmission nor had a DVD release.  Currently not available on the popular streaming services, but selected episodes are currently streaming on You Tube.


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