The Sqirrels, 1974

Running for three series totalling twenty eight episodes (including the 1974 pilot) ‘The Squirrels’ was one of legendary script writer Eric Chappell’s earliest sitcoms.  As the series progressed other writers would contribute including one Phil Redmond who went on to create Brookside and Grange Hill.

Of the twenty eight episodes that were made twenty two still exist in the archives.


The series revolved around the office politics in the accounts department of the fictitious TV rental company “International Rentals”

Little work was seen to be done as the staff were usually skiving or engaging in office romances.










Bernard Hepton – Mr Fletcher
Ken Jones – Rex
Patsy Rowlands – Susan
Alan David – Harry
Ellis Jones – Burke
Karin MacCarthy


Channel: ITV
Created By: Eric Chappell
Written By:
Eric Chappell (15 episodes)
Kenneth Cope (3 episodes)
Brian Finch (3 episodes)
Alan Hackney (3 episodes)
Richard Harris (2 Episodes)
Phil Redmond (2 Episodes)
Produced By: ATV for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 8th July 1974 – 10th February 1977

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