Another forgotten sitcom from the LWT vaults.  This time it’s Two’s company.  It’s surprising that this show has not made it to the day time ITV3 repeats as it was hugely respected in it’s day:  nominated for a BAFTA Award for “Best Comedy” programme in 1977 and for four BAFTA Awards in 1979: including “Best Comedy”, “Best Graphics” (opening credits sequence) and Stritch and Sinden were each nominated for “Best Light Entertainment Performance”.

Two’s company was the creation of Bill MacIlwraith, who also wrote all of the episodes.  It ran for 29 episodes over four series.  Series 1 & 2 were not simulcast nationally in the UK, the third and fourth series however, were shown in a prime time Sunday evening slot by all ITV stations.

The series was considered successful enough here to make a US version.  This was entitled The Two Of Us and starred  Peter Cook and Mimi Kennedy, though this version was less successful and was cancelled the following year.


Dorothy McNab  is a US author living in London.   Spending most of her days writing, she decides to hire a British butler, Robert Hillier, to help run her Chelsea home.

Being the epitome of the British gentleman, Robert does not approve of Dorothy’s lurid thriller novels or her American ways. This is the root for much of the comedy that comes from the banter between the two, as they continually disagree due to their cultural differences and often try to outwit each other.



Elaine Stritch – Dorothy Mc Nab
Donald Sinden – Robert Hillier


Channel: ITV
Written and Created By: Bill MacIlwraith
Produced By: London Weekend Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 6th September 1975 – 4th March 1979


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