Christmas Crackers – 1975

After a pilot in 1972, Are You Being Served started it’s ten season run in 1973.  However it would be 1975 before we saw the first Christmas Special.

Improving sales figures as only Grace Brothers can.


The staff are called to an early morning meeting to decide on ways to boost Christmas sales figures. However, much to their surprise, Young Mr Grace has already had an idea, he has  decided that all the floor staff will have to wear novelty costumes, something which none of them are too happy about.

Never the less you can’t help but laugh as one by one they come out of the lift in their costumes.



Mollie Sugden
John Inman
Trevor Bannister
Frank Thornton
Arthur Brough
Wendy Richard
Nicholas Smith
Larry Martyn
Harold Bennett


Channel: BBC1
Written By: John T. Chapman and Jeremy Lloyd
Executive Producer: David Croft
Original Transmission Date: 22nd December 1975

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