The Bob Monkhouse Show, 1983

Bob Monkhouse was a legendary stand up comic and writer who will always be best remembered for the many game shows he hosted.  Indeed in his Audience With…performance Bob remarks “There’s Monkhouse ‘E’s got prizes”.

The Bob Monkhouse Show was something of a different departure for the comic.  His very own chat show that largely gets forgotten about, it ran for three seasons between 1981 and 1983.  Tommy Cooper was one of the many guests who appeared on the show it would be his penultimate TV appearance.


The show celebrated the art of comedy; comedian guests were invited to perform and to have a chat with Bob about their careers.

Notable guests included: Tommy Cooper, Bob Hope, Ronnie Barker, Pamela Stephenson, Janet Brown and Russ Abbot to name just a few.











Starring: Bob Monkhouse


Channel: BBC2
Original Transmission Dates: 24th October 1983 – 14th June 1986

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