Up The Convicts, 1976

Another Australian spin off.  This time Frankie Howerd stars in a spin off from his British success Up  Pompeii.  Not much is known about this series, but we’ve put together what we can find.

Up The Convicts was made by the 7 Network in Australia and ran for just four episodes.  There is nothing to suggest that it was ever made for broadcast in the UK, but as the Australian broadcast system supports a similar 625 line picture we are able to enjoy some of it.


Frankie Howerd plays Jermiah Shirk, a typical Howerd character sentenced to a penal colony in New South Wales, Australia.

All the usual double entendres you’d expect from Howerd are here, very much like Up Pompeii in a Penal Colony, but it’s Frankie Howerd and you can’t help but laugh.





Frankie Howerd – Jeremiah Shirk
Frank Thring – Sgt Bastion
Lee Young – Quinney the Garbo
Carol Raye – Lady Fitzgibbon
Wallas Eaton – Sir Montague Fitzgibbon
Anne-Louise Lambert – Anne Lambert


Written By: Hugh Stuckey
Channel: Unknown
Produced By: 7 Network (Australia)
Original Transmission Date: 19th August 1976 (Australia)


That we know of there are no DVD releases of this show

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