Married With Children, 1987

Married with Children was a hit American sitcom from the 1980’s that became a huge hit with audiences in the UK.

Eleven series, totalling two hundred and fifty nine episodes were produced over ten years.

It is the longest-lasting live-action sitcom on the American Fox network and the first to be broadcast in the network’s primetime programming slot.

The show caused huge controversy during it’s run, even leading advertisers to withdraw support.  However despite this Fox refused to drop the show.

Over in the UK it became must see late night TV.


The series follows the lives of the dysfunctional Bundy family.  Al, once atop high school football player and now a salesman for women’s shoes.  His obnoxious wife: Peggy.  Glamorous but clueless daughter: Kelly and son: the wise cracking Bud.

Most storylines involve Al’s schemes being foiled by his own cartoonish dim wit and bad luck.









ED O’ Neill
Katey Sagal
David Garrison
Christina Applegate


Channel: Fox (USA) ITV (UK)
Created By: Michael G. Moye and Ron Leavitt
Original Transmission Dates:
USA; April 5th 1987 – 9th June 1997
UK: 1987 – 1997



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