Victoria Wood – The Screenplays, 1978

Victoria Wood Began her show business career whilst still an undergraduate.  She had initially appeared on TV talent show New Faces in 1974.  Moving on for the purposes of this post Victoria Wood had written a sketch for a Theatre revue entitled “In At The Death”. The success of this lead to the  commissioning of Wood’s first play “Talent” in 1978.

It was Peter Eckersley then head of drama at Granada Television who saw “Talent” and invited Wood to create a television adaptation. This time Julie Walters took the lead role, while Wood reprised her stage role.

The television version of “Talent” lead to Victoria writing a follow up; “Nearly A Happy Ending” and a third play that she wrote and starred in “Good Fun”


Talent, 1979

Julie, a young woman seeking an escape from the encroaching drudgery of domestic life, and Maureen, her frumpish friend, prepare for a talent show at a seedy club.

Nearly A Happy Ending, 1980

Maureen has been faithfully attending the slimmers’ club for months. Now the weeks of endless crispbreads have paid off – but is her optimism misplaced?

Happy Since I Met You, 1980

Frances is 28, single and happy, despite ritual interrogations from her family as to why she’s not married. Then she meets Jim, and finds she has decisions to make…







Happy Since I Met You




Victoria Wood and Julie Walters


Channel: ITV
Written By: Victoria Wood
Produced By: Granada Television
Original Transmission Dates:
Talent – 5th August 1979
Nearly A Happy Ending – 1st June 1980
Happy Since I Met You – 9th August 1981


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