Nightingales, 1990

Running for two series (thirteen episodes) between 1990 and 1993, Nightingales is a British sitcom set around the antics of three security guards working the night shift.

After the first series in 1990, Nightingales returned for it’s second series of seven episodes in late 1992, coming to an end in 1993.  The long delay was prompted by Channel 4 executive Seamus Cassidy who was not happy with the proposed scripts for the second series and it was nearly three years before it was given the go-ahead.

After the ending of the series writer Paul Makin went on to create more successful sitcoms such as Goodnight Sweetheart.


Nightingales revolves around the jobs of three bored nightwatchmen working in a deserted office block, the location of which is never revealed.  There is a fourth character: Smith  who was dead throughout the first series, the other characters kept his body in the building so that they could claim his salary.

The series itself was a little surreal with scenes including: a werewolf that performs open-heart surgery, bouts of Shakespearian verse and an undercover police operation being just some of the bizarre situations – and confrontations – the trio find themselves in.








Robert Lindsay – Carter
David Threlfall – Bell
James Ellis – Sarge


Channel: Channel 4
Written By: Paul Makin
Produced By: Alomo Productions
Original Transmission Dates: 27th February 1990 – 10th February 1993



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