Wait Till Your Father Gets Home, 1972

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home was an American animated sitcom from the successful animation team at Hanna-Barbera, aimed at a more adult audience than many of it’s other successful titles.

Based on “All In The Family” the US version of our much loved Till Death Us Do Part.  First aired in 1972, it became the first prime time animated sitcom to run for more than a single season since The Flintstones more than ten years earlier.  It would hold this accolade The Simpsons seventeen years later and Family Guy twenty-six years later.

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home would run for forty eight episodes over three series.  Despite it’s more adult themes the show was picked up in the UK, initially running in the pre-evening news slot at the end of the day’s kids tv, it became a regular part of the morning schedules during kids summer holidays.


Harry Boyle, a mostly conservative family man.  He has a wife and three children.

Son Chet is a hippie, whilst daughter Alice is sexually liberated.  Whilst Harry’s wife Irma is a neutral in the ongoing generational family war, he does find an ally in youngest son Jamie.

Whilst the various family differences provide laughs a plenty, the real star of the show is next door neighbour Ralph.  Obsessed with the Communists he spends his time preparing for a Communist takeover.








Tom Bosley – Harry
Joan Gerber – Irma
Kristina Holland – Alice
David Hayward/Lennie Weinrib – Chet
Jackie Earle Haley/Wilie Aames – Jamie
Jack Burns – Ralph


Created By: Hanna-Barbera
Channel: Various (US), BBC1 (UK)
Original Transmission Dates (US): September 12th, 1972 – October 6th, 1974




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