Where Has Spitting Image Gone?

Whilst this is not new news the question has to be asked “Where has Spitting Image gone?”

It was must see TV in it’s hey day (1984 – 1996).  But then it fell foul of rising costs and declining audiences in 1996.



In a blaze of glory it returned in 2020 to streaming service Britbox.



Then in 2022 it was axed.  Fair enough we still have the back catalogue to enjoy on Britbox.  No! when the axe fell the whole lot went, both the 2 new series and vintage episodes.

Despite a huge appetite in the UK for the show nobody is sure what next for the show.  The internet is full of reasons for cancelation but nothing about where we might get to see it pop up next.

One theory, although we’ve dug about and can’t find anything, is ITVX the new streaming service launching on 8th December.

The search continues…