We’re Doomed, Th Dad’s Army Story, 2015

It’s hard to believe that Dad’s Army has been delighting audiences for fifty years.  Back in 2015 just a year before a new Dad’s Army movie, the BBC commissioned this one off drama depicting how the popular sitcom came about.


The year is 1967 and then actor Jimmy Perry shows his friend David Croft the script he has written based on his time in the Home Guard.  The title ‘Fighting Tigers’.  The two friends present the script to then Head of BBC TV comedy Michael Mills

Mills.likes it, However, much to Jimmy Perry’s dismay he changes the script’s  title to ‘Dad’s Army’ and refuses to let him act in it.

Jimmy Perry and David Croft are commissioned to write a whole series, despite TV controller Paul Fox’s misgivings that the Second World War is too fresh in people’s mind to have any comedic value.

The pilot goes ahead.  Filmed in front of an enthusiastic audience, Fox’s response is not so enthusiastic.  However the viewing figures tell a different story and a full series follows.

Of course Dad’s Army went on to become one of the best loved sitcoms in television history making Jimmy Perry and David Croft household names along the way.




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