Dads Army 2016 – 1 Day To Go

The feature film based on the popular BBC TV Series. Based on material from the early episodes of the television series. The film told the story of the Walmington On Sea Home Guard Platoon formation and their subsequent endeavours at a training exercise.


After hearing a radio broadcast from Anthony Eden on the formation of Local Defence Volunteer Force, George Mainwaring, Managr of the Walmington On Sea branch of Martins Bank, is compelled to act.  Enlisting the help of his Chief Clerk Wilson he attends the local Police station to sign up.  Here chaos ensues because there is nobody to organise the enrolment of the men, but Mainwaring takes charge, later commandeering the local church hall to register the volunteers.

A platoon is eventually formed with Mainwaring in charge as Captain and Wilson as his Sergeant.  The film follows the development of the platoon as they go from LDV’s with no weapons and no uniforms to a fully functioning and equipped Home Guard Platoon.

Chaos ensues when they join a training exercise.  But salvation is upon them

A Luftwaffe aircraft is shot down and the three crew parachute out. They enter Walmington church hall, and hold the mayor, vicar and others, hostage, demanding a boat back to France. Mainwaring and his men arrive and realise what has happened. By this point the police and “real” military have begun to arrive.

Whilst the police and “real” military dither and discuss what should be done (with the repeated phrase “we’ll have to be careful how we handle this”), the platoon infiltrate the building though the church crypt. Dressed in choir surplices, they proceed into the church.  Mainwaring pulls a gun from under a collection plate and points it at the leader. They both say they will shoot after a count of three. The platoon pull out rifles and the Germans are forced to surrender. The following day, Mainwaring and his men are the pride of the town.

Mainwaring and the Home Guard are seen looking towards France from the cliff tops. The weather has changed for the worse and it seems unlikely that the Germans will invade.






Arthur Lowe
John Le Messurier
Clive Dunn
John Laurie
Ian Lavender
Arnold Ridley
James Beck


Written By: Jimmy Perry and David Croft
Produced By: John R. Sloan
Directed By: Norman Cohen
Original UK Release date: March 12 1971


Dads Army The Movie is available on DVD.

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