Terry Wogan, The Dallas Years

Terry Wogan will always be best remembered for his two stints as host of the Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

It was during his first run that the BBC began showing an American drama series : Dallas.  The show attracted huge audiences and gained a cult following.  It also caught the attention of Terry Wogan, who delighted in mischief making at the show’s expense.

He pondered as to why it was always windy when the Ewings had breakfast, brought it to listeners attention that Bobby  Ewing was always wearing sunglasses, gave Lucy Ewing the nickname the poison dwarf.  It was all in good humour and listeners couldn’t get enough, he had turned a primetime drama into a sitcom for his millions of listeners.

So as time went on and Wogan took to the TV it was only right that when it came time to interview the stars of the show there was only one man: Terry Wogan.

These are a selection of interviews from when Wogan came face to face with the stars of Dallas.







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