Whose Line Is It Anyway? 1988

This hit improvisational comedy show started life on the radio before being produced for television in 1988.  It ran for ten series between 1988 and 1999.

The show proved such a success the format was picked up in the USA by ABC after the UK version came to an end.  The US version ran until 2007.  There was an Australian version that began in 2016.


The show comprises of a panel of four performers who create characters, scenes and songs on the spot, in the style of short-form improvisation games, many take the form of theatresports.

Topics for the games are based on either audience suggestions or predetermined prompts from the host.

Both the British and the American versions loosely take the form of a game show with the host arbitrarily assigning points and likewise choosing a winner at the end of each episode.  However, the show lacks the true stakes and competition of a game show (by design).  The “game show” format is simply part of the comedy.






Hosted By: Clive Anderson


Channel: Channel 4
Created By: Dan Patterson and Mark Leveson
Production Company: Hat Trick Productions
Original Transmission Dates: 29th September 1988 – 4th February 1999

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