You Must Be Joking,1975

A 1973 Magpie film entitled “Kids About Town” looked at London’s streets and markets through the eyes of children attending Islington’s Anna Scher Children’s Theatre.

The film caught the eye of television producer Roger Price.  He  suggested the Anna Scher kids be given their own series. “You must be joking!” replied the controller of children’s programming; “That’s what we’ll call it”, suggested Roger…

A one off pilot episode was made in 1974 but never broadcast.  The first of two series began broadcasting a year later in 1975.

The show was a wry, energetic and irreverent comedy show of a kind never previously seen on TV at the time – and certainly not one for the easily offended.

Many of the show’s stars would go on to enjoy successful careers in television.


In between topical and satirical sketches, Elvis Payne took a cynical look at the week’s news, and live music came from youthful popstars Flintlock, lead by the multi-talented Michael Holoway.




A full episode



Channel: ITV
Written By: Various
Produced By: Thames Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 28th May 1975 – 6th June 1976

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